CRF Feeders

Unique Feeders for Pin Headers

In addition to Tube Feeders, SEMO has developped feeders that are capable of distributing components packaged in reels: CRF (Cut & Roll Feeders). These autonomous pieces of equipment supply pick-and-place machines with pin headers, whilst cutting them to specific lengths.

Custom-made feeders for pin headers

Whilst wanting to offer efficient and durable solutions for the feeding needs of pick-and-place machines, our team has created CRFwhich aims at insuring reliable distribution functions.

Components are brought to the cutting zone with a moveable gripper. The gripper holds the component in place whilst the cutting to set length is performed. The pick-and-place machine can grip the cut-to-length component.

Originally developed for the distribution of pin headers, the CRF is able to distribute components presented on laminated metallic strips.

Reliability for a high OEE

The narrowest feeder for pin headers on the market, the CRF is very easy to install and use. The Cut & Roll Feeder has been explored in detail to minimise disruption of supply: the change over time for cutters or reels and the resetting of cutting lengths can for example be completed in less that 6 minutes.

For higher productivity, the cycle time varies from 1 to 2s. Gurantee of quality, the precision of supply and cutting is in the range of 50µm.

last, equipped with a touch-screen, our CRF communicate with pick-and-place machines on which they are installed. Tests adnd maintenance can be performed offline.

They can be fitted on various machines, with which they can interface both mechanically and electronically.