Semi-automatic stations

Automating what needs to be!

Semi-automatic stations are special-purpose assembly, packing or testing machines which require assistance of one or several operators to perform a complete process.

In which cases are semi-automated stations best?

The primary objectives of semi-automatic machines are :

    • To offer a better RoI compared with fully automated solutions, which allows easy and safe loading of the product and components. 
    • The semi-automatic system may automatically eject the processed product.
These semi-automatic machines are used for low or average production volumes, with a wide variety of products. We pay particular attention to the design of the loading and unloading areas to deliver superior usibility, to avoid musculoskeletal disorders and to insure labor productivity.

semo poste semi automatique machines spéciales Toulouse

It is the answer to LEAN manufacturing principles?

These stations fully comply with the concepts of LEAN Manufacturing in which operators ensure the transfer of of a product from one station to another without interuption and with limited work-in-progress. The stations are set-up in a U shape to reduce movement and space required.

The semi-automatic stations are often focused on one process and are independent from each other. The lines thus created are easily upgradable. They allow the fast addition of new products or processes and can therefore easily adapt to increases in demand.

For the semi-automatic stations we guarantee a level of reliabilty, of robusteness and of performance identical to our automatic lines or our more complex systems.