Solutions for electronic integration


In the electronic industry, the manufacturing of individual PCBAs (front-end) is distinguished from the integration of PCBAs into complete systems to create electronic products (back-end). This second step and the testing of electronic products is commonly named "electronic integration" or electronic back-end production.

Today SEMO is specialized in the engineering, manufacturing and assemblying of, semi-automatic or automatic, customized equipment for back-end and testing of electronic products. Our vocation is to be the partner of choice for the engineering, production and servicing in these applications.

To address these applications, we make use of our skills in manufacturing stations and in industrial robots. We also use our knowledge in the processes and technologies linked to back-end electrical products.

Frequently confronted with clients faced with numerous challenges, we now master the specific constraints linked to the electronic industry, which concerns notably cleanliness, ESD requirements and handling which ensures the integrity of products.