Feeders for SMT machines

The feeders of reference for pick-and-place machines

Upon client request, SEMO exploited its design and manufacturing skills in automatic production to create a complete range of feeders for electronic pick-and-place machines. These feeders have been engineered for SMT and THT electronic components. Based on an Innovative concept, they consist in a standard base that is then examined and adapted to your specific components.


Used by some of the largest global companies in Europe, Asia and America, SEMO feeders have become a standard for the following reasons:

Machines spéciales Feeders intégration électronique intégrateur de robot

Robustness and reliability : installed base of over 100 functioning feeders and a  high speed OEE.

Adaptability : customized feeders to feed a wide variety of components (connectors, relays, pin headers, etc) but also to incorporate complementary functions such as cutting, forming or bending.

« Connectivity»: integrated communication with pick-and-place machines for electronic components.

These three points boost productivity and are SEMO's top priorities in the development of its range of feeders.