The purpose of vision-assisted control is to replace the need for human intervention in operations related to quality control. It is performed by means of digital captures.


To ensure good quality of products, it is important to carry out controls after each stage of the manufacturing process. Thanks to the different technologies mastered by SEMO, almost all the manufacturing processes can be controlled by vision.

Whether it is a dimensional control, assembly control, soldering control, aspect control or simply monitoring the presence or absence of a product, we will have the solutions for you.


A dimensional analysis of a product can be carried out in two different ways: either in the plane, in which case traditional 2D equipment is sufficient, or in space, in which event will then build a cloud of points in three dimensions. For this, our machines can contain 2D or 3D cameras according to your needs.

The controls of presence/absence of components are also performed by 2D cameras.

For more information about these cameras, you can consult the associated pages: 2D or 3D.

For aesthetic controls (appearance, appearance defects, scratches), a Deep Learning camera will be the most suitable option.