Technical expertise to provide proper support

SEMO has become reknown in the Toulouse region, in France and internationally for its expertise in three domains: mechanical, electronics industry and continuous motion.

SEMO Electronic Industry,  Mechanics and continuous motion

Historically involved in the design and fabrication of mechanical systems and precision tools, SEMO internally masters high precision machining, turning, EDM and grinding.

With several hundreds of projects in the electronics industry, the company has acquired a sound knowledge of associated processes and of specific constraints: cleanliness, ESD requirements, etc.

SEMO also offers expertise in continuous motion. This technology allows the mechanical and electronic synchronization of high speed movements.


The vertical Integration of all of the skills required for the production of machinery guarantees flawless project execution. This mastery is a prerequisite to full customer-focused project support via:

    • High responsiveness to solve unexpected issues during the system production, finetuning or even after commissioning
    • Ability to take into consideration all of the constraints in order to offer the best alternatives
    • Capacity to innovate and create.



ISO 9001: certification confirms SEMO's commitment to efficiency in all of its businesses and the desire to satisfy its customers.