Building trust with our customers is what drives us

The quality of our work is our priority

Do you require quality assistance that is constant over time ?

To meet expectations, we are commited to delivering objective advice, to cover all of your needs and to assist the integration into your factories. It is often necessary to tailor assistance beyond the delivery of the production system by providing support in the upkeep, improvement and upgrading of your systems.

Support prior to, during and after sales.

The industrialization of a factory is a complex project involving numerous participants and must deliver expected results. We support you in all steps of your project :

    • Before sales: SEMO offers consulting services to the architecture of the line and specification requirements.
    • During the execution phase: SEMO guarantees the performance of the solution provided and is commited to results.
    • After delivery: SEMO offers technical assistance to insure maintenance of equipment or improvement and upgrading of machines according to  experience and feedback.