Automatic lines

For high performance factories

Meeting the requirements of high-volume production, SEMO engineers and produces automatic lines which allow quality control and high productivity.

Why choose automated lines?

These lines cover the entirety of a manufacturing process by linking different process stations with an automatic transfer system. They do not require any manual intervention for loading or unloading, or for processing.

The feeding of components for the final assembly is performed by automatic systems such as bowl feeders, flexible feeders, blisters or other boards, etc. Using palet system most of the time, this architecture enables working with several references (multi-products) whilst limiting the change-over time.

The RFID tag of each pallet enables traceability and interlocking of products throughout the manufacturing process. The SCADA system of the line performs these tasks and can also manage the pallet flow.

Advantages of automated lines?

The architecture of automatic lines, most often linear, gives them the flexibility and adaptabiity to increase capacity and evolve thoughout the product life cycle. Thus, additional stations may be added or existing ones modified retrospectively without significant downtime in production.

The production speed of the lines often varies between 5 and 25 parts per minute. They are developed according to client specifications and aim at reaching technical and economical optimization.

Equipped with line supervision systems, they guarantee a high level of quality control. This explains their frequent use in the most demanding industries.