Special-purpose machines

Our special-purpose machines, your customized solution

Specializing in special-purpose machines, we offer a customized service 100% adapted to your needs. Our mastery of some processes allows us to accomplish numerous special-purpose machines, most of them being based on 4 models.

These 4 designs are customized in order to fully meet your safety, quality and productivity needs. For each special-purpose machine, we guarantee operator safety and ergonomy.

Our machine concepts

Semi-automatic stations comply with Lean Manufacturing principles. The operator ensures the transfer of parts from one station to another for controlled product flow and limited work-in-progress. These stations are upgradable, and simple to put into place and ergonomic.

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The indexed systems are compact and allow optimization of cycle time. It can be a rotating table with upto 48 indexing positions or drawers performing a linear movement. Their robust architecture allows for short transfer time between the different stations making these machines ideal for productions requiring precision and high throughput


Les lignes automatisées

They integrate several processes linked by one or several product transfer systems. This set-up can be multi-product to allow for high volume and productivity.

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This allows for the continuous production of products and suits large batches and high speed production: upto 24,000 parts per hour. These special-purpose machines often use refined mechanical systems insuring precise movements at high speed.


Our complementary offers

To take advantage of all of the benefits of special-purpose machines, SEMO has developped two offers which complete and enhance the machines.

Line supervision provides a way of enhancing your lines and stations. Industrial computer systems opens large improvement opportunities in terms of industrial performance. Quality control, traceability, and flow management of products are the principal advantages of SCADA systems.

Crescendo is an innovative range of standard production stations. The stations are modular, connected and use the latest technology for the highest performance. This unique concept allows you to gradually upgrade your line capacity to match your client's needs. "Ramp up your production line!" with Crescendo.