TF Feeders

Our signature: reliability

SEMO has developed a proven expertise in the production of reliable and effective Tube feeders that deliver, one piece at a time, components to electronic pick-and-place machines.

Adapted to meet the needs of our most demanding clients across the world by combining adaptability and easy handling, the feeders are able to handle critical and complex applications with high OEE.

Custom made and easily adaptable tube feeders,

Autonomous and customized piece of equipment, SEMO Tube Feeders can work with a wide variety of components: relais, connectors, inter-connectors, transistors, capacitors, ... all of which are necessary to supply machines with odd-shape components for the manufacturing of PCBA.

Widely used in the automobile industry, our Tube Feeders for pick-and-place machines can be easily and quickly adapted to the most challenging environments. 

Highly technical and highly robust Tube Feeders

We pay particular attention to the quality and technicality of our Tube Feeders and are commited to making them both efficient and simple to use. Being the narrowest and having the least depth of all of the Feeders on the market, they won't obstruct your lines. Their advanced communication functions with pick-and-place machines and their low maintenance requirements ensure optimal operating.

They are able to be installed on various machines with which they can interface both mechanically and electronically.

Tube Feeders with more added-value

SEMO adapts its Tube Feeders to not only distribute components but also to cut or shape them. Thus our Tube Feeders can, for example, cut out, bend or shape the pins of standard relays according to the client specific needs. Those modified can then be fed by the same feeder to the pick-and-place machine.

Our Tube Feeder's ability to simultaneously manage cutting configurable lengths, the shaping and supply of components, avoids preliminary preparation and repackaging of components. This offers obvious advantages in terms of use of space, productivity and return on investment.