Flexible base for special-purpose machines.

SEMO has developped a range of automated production stations, standard, modular and customizable. Crescendo includes the latest technology for better performance and connectivity. Its unique concept allows for progressive adaptations to the production line to meet your clients needs.

A range of stations

Machines spéciales Toulouse Crescendo postes modulaires

The Crescendo stations have been developped and improved to offer unique and standard features:

    • modules structures and interfaces (4 lengths: 600mm to 1200mm)
    • alignment and connection systems between stations
    • transitic system by pallet allowing transfer from station to station (3 pallet sizes: 160mm2, 240mm2 and 240x320mm).

The concept allows for manual loading or unloading of products or components at the endpoints of a station or between stations. The pieces of equipment to be loaded or unloaded, called ""loading arms"" are quickly and easily interchangeable which allows for the lines to be reconfigured according to needs.

The Crescendo range is especially adapted to the production of small, high precision mechanical and electronic products. Pallets can be accumulated between stations ; the cycle time between processes can be as low as 3s.

What's new with Crescendo?

Machines spéciales

    • Upgradability: invest gradually once market needs are confirmed and reallocate assets when possible.
    • Adaptability: easily and quickly integrate new processes to existing lines.
    • Mobility: easily reconfigure or transfer stations, even in tight environment.
    • Standardization: enjoy the reliability and peace-of-mind of market-proven solutions

When your production needs change, Crescendo is the solution! Crescendo allows you to customize your line according to capacity needs. You can thus launch a new line with semi-automatic stations (manual loading or unloading) following the concepts of LEAN manufacturing. Thenafter, only if market needs are reconfirmed, swiftly ""ramp up production!"" by converting your semi-automatic to automatic stations.

Towards the end of the product life, when only the spare-part volumes are required, the stations can be reused and the line resized to semi-automatic mode.

Stay connected with Crescendo

Wired or wireless, a "standard" supervision has been developed to interface with the Crescendo stations. You can thus monitor and control your station or your line remotely with access to all of the necessary information.