Business acqisition Contract

Business acqisition Contract

Indeed, SEMO recently changed hands. The historical creators and shareholders having entrusted the management of the company to Sébastien Nobiron, entrepreneur and passionate about the industry.

The Occitanie Region works alongside Small Businesses and SMEs to support the transfer and takeover of businesses including SEMO.

This device makes it possible to:

fight against the disappearance of businesses for lack of buyers;
maintain know-how and jobs in the area;
facilitate the transfer and takeover of businesses, the process of which is generally less risky than that of setting up a business;
provide employees with additional resources to be able to take over their business when the manager leaves.

Thus, the objective of the SEMO company is to help its manager Sébastien Nobiron and his teams to pass the course of the first three years post-transfer, in order to guarantee a prosperous development.